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Pleasure Lake Prices

Day ticket                   7.50
Concession day           6.50
24 hr                        15.00
Evening adult              6.50
Evening concession      6.00

Tackle Hire available

Pleasure Lake Rules

Barbless hooks only, maximum size 8.

No fixed leads or feeders.

No bubble floats.

No trout pellets, nuts or beans.

Maximum line strength 15lb.  No braided main.

Landing nets and mats must be used.

Fish must not be lifted above knee height or put on bare ground.

Anglers must fish from pegs.

No rags or towels to be used to handle fish (wet hands only).

No fish larger than 4 lbs are to be put in keep-nets.

Maximum 2 rods per peg, and alarms on minimum volume.

No rods to be left unattended.

Bivvies are permitted, strictly no tents at anytime.

No fires, radios or disposable BBQ’s.

Well behaved dogs are welcome to accompany anglers. 

Any children accompanying an angler must stay with you on the peg, be under control, well behaved and quiet and should not be permitted to run near the lake.

Please place all your litter in the bins provided.

Enjoy your fishing and respect other anglers.   CCTV in operation.


Overnight Fishing

We occasionally permit overnight fishing on the Pleasure Lake

The following additional rules apply:


Strictly no tents, fishing bivvies only.

No children under 10 permitted to stay overnight.

No non fishing children permitted to stay overnight.

There must be a clear gap of 1 meter behind your bivvy to allow fishermen and their trolleys and fishery staff to pass easily.