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Fly Lake Rules

Barbless or debarbed hooks must be used at all times.

All brown trout must be returned.

Live fish must be handled with care and returned to the water immediately. If possible please unhook whilst the fish is still in the water.  No photographing of live fish is permitted.

Egg flies or boobies are not permitted.

No additives or flavourings are permitted.

Damaged fish should not be returned.

Anglers may catch and release after they have caught their bag limit according to the time noted on their ticket.

Well behaved dogs are welcome to accompany anglers. Please pick up after your dogs and keep them near you on the peg and under control.

Any children accompanying an angler must be under control, well behaved and quiet and should not be permitted to run near the lake.

Taking more fish than you have paid for is theft and we will prosecute. CCTV is in operation.

Please place all your litter in the bins provided.

Enjoy your fishing and respect other anglers.

Fly Lake Prices

1 fish 4 hours


1 fish day


2 fish 4 hours


2 fish day


3 fish day


Adult/junior 2 fish 4 hours


Adult/junior 4 fish 4 hours


Adult/junior 2 fish day


Adult/junior 4 fish day


Anglers can catch and release after they have caught their bag limit up to the time stated on their ticket.